Brighton & Hove is changing


A unique Good Landlord scheme is launching soon and is seeking landlords


The Goal

An ethical landlord scheme with pioneering focus on landlords voluntarily renting at less than a market rent is recruiting landlords with one or more properties to offer at rents usually no higher than the Local Housing Allowance rate. We want to build a place that supports those who have lower incomes to have happy homes. 

What's the advantages for landlords?


There will be a guaranteed supply of suitable tenants.


Tenants are likely to stay much longer cutting down on income loss through voids


Making a positive contribution assisting to lower income households struggling in an expensive market that could avoid them being pushed towards homelessness


Countering the widespread image of landlords as only interested in collecting their rent


We are looking for landlords to join us



What is involved?

Landlords are supplied with tenants earning less than the median household income in the city. They can:

  • Directly let their properties to tenants supplied by the scheme
  • Lease properties to Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) for a negotiable guaranteed fixed income (52 weeks a year). BHT can either manage and cover all repairs or just manage and pass repairs onto the landlord
  • Go through one of the scheme‘s letting agents to find tenants and have these agents (Aldertons and Sussex Student lettings) provide a service level that is mutually agreed
  • Take on tenants supplied by the scheme and contract out the management to a lettings agency of their choice

Help build an affordable, vibrant Brighton  & Hove


Who may it appeal to most?

  • Business focussed Landlords who have a sizeable number of properties.
  • Landlords who bought several years ago and borrowed to buy when property prices were a lot lower.
  • Landlords who may have inherited a property or two and for whom renting is more of a side activity
  • Landlords who want to use their properties to benefit society
  • Landlords keen to assist keyworkers and others on a low income to find suitable housing
  • Tenants who are in low paid work/key workers

What defines a Good Landlord?

  • Landlords who offer a monthly rent to tenants that does not exceed the Local Housing Allowance rate
  • Landlords who offer at least a one year tenancy to tenants
  • Landlords who are happy to respond to any property repairs promptly and within the same timeframes as social landlords



Ready to help?

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