We believe there’s a way that renting can work better for everyone

We are a collaboration of organisations and individuals who are working with landlords to explore new ways of delivering affordable housing in Brighton and Hove. We are in the early stages of rolling out the initiative and look forward to working in partnership with landlords and eligible tenants across the City. 

The Good Landlord Scheme steering group comprises of councillors. Brighton and Hove City Council Housing Team, BHT, iHowz and private landlords. All of us want to find ways that private renting can better support households on lower incomes. Through the Good Landlord Scheme landlords can offer up property for rent at, or below, the Local Housing Allowance (the ‘LHA’ rate) whilst being supported to find eligible tenants who want to make a home in Brighton and Hove. 

We have partnered with several private landlords and letting agents to start delivering the Good Landlord Scheme, including Sussex Student Lettings and Aldertons.